Consumer complaints policy

How to make a complaint to the CPA member company

All CPA member companies have an effective complaints handling system. The CPA would like all consumers to be satisfied with the service of member companies, however, you need to firstly contact the company directly using the details that the company has provided to you, giving them reasonable opportunities to resolve your complaint.

The company will do its best to sort out the problem. We expect CPA member companies will initially respond to or acknowledge your complaint within two weeks from when the complaint was received.

Unresolved complaints

In the unlikely event that the company is not able to resolve your problem, the consumer or company can approach the CPA at CPA House, North Bridge Street, Shefford, Beds, SG17 5DQ, who will independently mediate between you and the member company to effect a resolution to the complaint. Details can be sent by post or by email to

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

If your complaint is not able to be resolved by the CPA’s independent mediation activities, then a low-cost independent ADR scheme is available. The consumer may choose to opt for details of this when at least 56 calendar days have elapsed since their complaint was first raised. The CPA will then write to both parties advising of the availability and details of the CPA’s ADR Scheme, operated by the UtilitiesADR arm of the Retail Ombudsman.