The UK construction industry skills shortage: could it enable cowboy builders to take home improvements?

Construction helmets

“Cowboy builders” and “skills shortage” are terms that have appeared regularly in news headlines over the past few years. One is a problem that is old as time and the other has been accentuated by a range of factors, including the government’s own lofty housing goals. Back in 2006, the now-defunct Office of Fair Trading received an average of 274 … Continue reading

Breaking down the Consumer Protection Act 1987 (and how it affects your business)

Gavel ruling consumer protection act 1987

The CPA has compiled this short guide breaking down the Consumer Protection Act 1987. We have taken excerpts from the Act to help explain how it affects consumers and businesses. Please see the government’s website to read the full legislation. The Consumer Protection Act 1987 is in place to hold manufacturers accountable for producing unsafe goods. It allows consumers to … Continue reading

What are the steps to becoming an approved tradesman?


Reports about rogue traders ripping off hard-working consumers show up on news sites throughout the country too often. With consumers often questioning if rated tradesmen websites can be trusted, they are becoming increasingly aware to look out for an approved tradesman in their area before undergoing any building work. How do I become an approved tradesman? Independent organisations, such as … Continue reading

Can you really trust the rated tradesmen websites?

How will the Consumer Rights Act affect trade?

In this digital age, ratings and reviews are vital commodities that can mean the difference in business expansion or belting tightening. A 2015 study by Moz, a marketing-related software developer, found that 67% of online consumers are swayed by reviews. The research also found that 22% of potential customers have decided not to purchase a product when they have found … Continue reading

Family business Precision Windows of Worthing wins The CPA 25 Year Achievement Award

Precision Windows of Worthing

The Consumer Protection Association (CPA) is delighted to announce the exceptional 25 Year Achievement Award to Precision Windows of Worthing who have shown exceptional performance over the years, meeting and exceeding the CPA membership standards. They have received personalised achievement plaques for display to assist their sales work as customers of the Consumer Protection Association are increasingly looking for this … Continue reading

What is the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008?

Sales and marketing executive selling to older couple on Apple computer

The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 (CPRs) was introduced to prevent traders in all sectors from engaging in unfair commercial practices against consumers, with a primary focus on marketing and selling. These comprehensive regulations were passed as a method of dealing with rogue traders and companies deliberately setting out to exploit loopholes in existing laws. What classes a … Continue reading


Vantage windows and doors

The Consumer Protection Association (CPA) of Great Britain is proud of the magnificent achievement of our member Vantage Windows and Doors of Bellshill, Scotland winning the ‘Best Window and Doors Company’ in the 2018 awards. Pictured is the Vantage team with Managing Director Mr. Ernie Rea centre. Mr Ernie Rea, owner of Vantage Windows and Doors commented, “I’m thrilled at … Continue reading

Our quick guide to the Consumer Rights Act 2015 Unfair Terms


As a trader, you have to navigate the world of legal affairs very carefully if you don’t want to suffer the consequences that come with the slightest slip-up. It can be unbelievably daunting to sit and read through the hundreds upon hundreds of pages that accompany the various acts and legislation but it’s important to do so to understand what … Continue reading

2018’s worst UK consumer protection breaches

Insurance for tradesmen

As the new year dawns, it becomes the perfect time to look back and reflect on the previous year’s various highs and lows. Some companies had a more turbulent time than others in 2018, with a big issue being consumer protection breaches. Consumer protection breaches are a serious issue for both the company and the consumers, making their occurrence one … Continue reading