Which accreditations should you look for in a home improvement professional?

Added value promotional video for CPA members

Believe it or not, a recent study has revealed that DIY spending in the UK has reached its highest level since 2008 with 12% of homeowners spending more than £5000 on improvements over two years. Quite clearly, there’s no better time to ensure that your chosen tradesmen or home improvement company is correctly accredited with the certifications necessary to ensure … Continue reading

CPA membership on the rise, further making us #TogetherStronger

How will the Consumer Rights Act affect trade?

A recent installer survey we conducted has revealed that we experienced a 25% spike in companies joining the CPA this year, compared to the same period last year. Already hundreds of elite installers make up our reliable membership base, the majority of which operate within the glazing of construction industry. Now with this continued growth partially helped by our successful … Continue reading

Why 70% of consumers believe that CPA members provide the most protection

Builder and installer in new house build

Helping build trust between homeowners and installers More and more homeowners are recognising the importance of selecting a reliable and reputable home improvement installer when looking to renovate their home. This not only ensures that they are less likely to encounter a cowboy builder but also means that they’re important investment is safe, with a high quality project almost always … Continue reading

What type of insurance do builders need?

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Opt for rated tradesmen, not cowboy builders! The home improvement industry is becoming more and more subject to scrutiny. Homeowners want to be assured that the company undertaking work on their property can be trusted, and rightly so! As a result, it’s becoming increasingly important for reputable builders to meet the required guidelines and standards put in place to protect … Continue reading

6 ways to stand out as a reputable local builder

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Modern home improvement customers are becoming more and more aware of cowboy builders every day. The truth is that no one deserves to be ripped off, and at the CPA we want to ensure that reputable tradesmen stand out from the crowd. Registering for CPA membership is just one way of showing your customers that you can be trusted, winning … Continue reading

What can you do to prevent consumer rights disputes?

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At the CPA we make it our mission to ensure that consumers in search of home improvements are always confident and assured that the installer they invest in is always accredited and reliable. We regularly offer advice and protection to both parties in the event of a dispute or complaint, but what if there were no complaints to contend with … Continue reading

WindoWorld Leicester celebrate 20 years of CPA membership

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Long-established home improvement company WindoWorld Leicester is celebrating 20 years as a member of the Consumer Protection Association. WindoWorld Leicester is a manufacturer, supplier and installer of PVCu and aluminium windows and doors, and conservatories. As a company working based on recommendations, Jatin Modi, Managing Director of WindoWorld Leicester, understands the importance of customer satisfaction and says being a CPA … Continue reading

Looking for rated tradesmen? Look for the CPA logo

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When it comes to looking for a rated tradesmen, the CPA logo is one that you can trust. Here’s why. Approved and rated tradesmen for extra peace of mind The CPA understand that hiring a tradesman you can feel you can completely trust can be difficult at times. Like any industry, the construction and fenestration industries suffer from a tiny … Continue reading

Rogue traders: ruining our reputation

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Unfortunately, the construction and fenestration industries have been associated with ‘rogue traders’ for a number of years. Our industry, like any other, suffers from a small minority of dishonest people, but they are the exception- not the rule. They don’t reflect the majority of our skilled and experienced tradespeople. It’s time we eradicated rogue traders from our industry, and claimed … Continue reading