We help you present you and your business in style

Marketing support with added value to help you stand out

At the CPA, we understand that it’s becoming increasingly more challenging to beat out the competition. As a CPA member you will have access to powerful sales and marketing literature, further helping you have an edge. This includes a full range of sales leaflets, certification literature, information booklets and attractive visual displays for both on and off the premises.

Utilising our unique marketing support service helps you dedicate your full concentration on the task at hand, letting us help promote your business and services effectively. This exclusive service is only available as a CPA registered member.

Add value to your sales presentations

You can also access a range of CPA-endorsed ID cards, posters, vehicle stickers, showroom stickers and specimen protection scheme policies to aid legitimisation of business. Also part of the marketing package is a formal membership license for sales staff and showrooms, and information booklets for potential and new customers outlining the company and its benefits.

We also provide sales training and support, helping your staff gain confidence as well as making them more knowledgeable about IBGs and Deposit protection policies. In collaboration with leading sales expert Paul Clifton, we have produced a sales training guide that members can download to get you started. Just click on the graphics below.

Step 1 - lead generation marketing

Step 2 sales presentation

Step 3 - successful fitting

Step 4 - after care service