For consumer peace of mind we offer deposit protection

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Our deposit protection is insurance for the deposit the consumer pays to secure the work to be carried out on their home. This insurance covers a deposit of up to 25% of the agreed price with the operating company or £7,500, whichever is the lesser.

The policy covers the consumer for a period of up to 90 days from the date they pay their deposit.

There are cases where the deposit is either refunded to the consumer in full, or the work is completed by another company at the balance agreed price.

This would generally be the case if they have paid a deposit to you and your company then ceases to trade due to:

  • liquidation
  • receivership
  • administration
  • bankruptcy
  • state retirement or death of the principal(s)
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    Deposit Protection Policy Checklist

    In order to benefit the most from offering homeowners protection for their deposit, and for their policy to be valid in the event that your company is under financial threat, ensure you have completed the following:

  • Ensure that your home improvement company is CPA accredited – you can enquire about gaining membership by contacting us online.
  • Check that your employed tradesmen supply your customers with a Deposit registration form – this is their written proof that you are properly protecting their financial deposit.
  • Inform the homeowner to register their deposit with the CPA – this allows a claim to be correctly assessed fully should your company enter liquidation.
  • Make sure they retain a copy of each of the following: Witten guarantee for the agreed works, proof of purchase & your company’s outlined terms & conditions.
  • Important Notice:

    You MUST register your deposit, otherwise you will not be covered. When paying your deposit, you must ask the CPA member for a Deposit Registration form. This must be returned to us by recorded delivery within 7 days.

    Important Information:

    The Consumer Protection Association will not provide your customers with a personal recommendation as to whether a deposit protection policy is suitable for their needs.

    The Consumer Protection Association is an appointed representative of CPA Consumer Guard Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.