2014: The year for women in construction and glazing

Was 2014 the year for women in construction and glazing? 
Amazingly, a recent report by the Be Onsite scheme found that before 2014 women made up 11% of the total workforce employed in the construction industry. Of these, only 2% were directly employed in manual construction roles.

So how was 2014 for women in the construction and glazing industries? Over the past year there have been several campaigns, schemes and initiatives to encourage women to get more involved…

2014: #BuildingBritain, building equality

Leading industry voices have been calling for more support to get women involved in the industry and it seems that the government finally listened in 2014.

Last year, Whitehall launched the #BuildingBritain campaign. One of the aims of this was to highlight the role that women play in the construction and glazing industry and to encourage others to get involved. This campaign was supported by the Chancellor and various ministers who visited women in the industry, up and down the country.
Several CPA members received this lucky honour, including Gemma Roe, founder of Rotunda Living.


The rise of the ‘White Van Woman’

2014 was the year that the issue of women in the industry was brought to the attention of the wider public. Here at the CPA we’ve been leading the charge. Our press releases have secured the attention of wider media, and stories about the involvement of women in the construction and glazing industry have been featured in The Independent and The Daily Mail. We’re pleased to see that the campaign to get women involved in the industry is finally gaining the attention it deserves.


A year of changing attitudes

2014 has showed us, as an industry, how far our attitudes have changed in the last 20 years – for the better. Women are steadily gaining equality in the industry, but we’re not completely there yet. Until then, we’ll keep the campaign going!


The CPA: championing women workers in the industry

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Insurance Backed Guarantees for the construction and glazing sectors, we’re proud to be actively campaigning for more women in the industry. To join the campaign, or to find out more, give us a call on 01462 850064 or send us a message.